Electronica HiTech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

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About Group

Philosophy of the Group

The business done in ethical and transparent manner not only sustains but also ensures long time growth. Mahatma Gandhi used to say that the business should treat the available resources as the resources given in trust by the society. We believe in this philosophy. Hence the growth of business and the speed of growth should be devoid of greed. The business must keep on growing to ensure value creation and well-being of all stakeholders like shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the society around.

The business has to be customer centric, ensuring customer delight. Only satisfied and happy employees can deliver this. Hence all the initiatives of the Group are taken to create culture which nurtures the above values.

To deliver the above goals the following initiatives have been taken:

  • To create active Customer Satisfaction Cell.
  • Training department to deliver professional and soft skill training.
  • CSR Cell to drive group CSR activities.

We will always try to achieve excellence in all the aspects of business operations. Some of the initiatives like six sigma, world class manufacturing practices etc. have already started.

Shrikant R. Pophale